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 Rules / Ranks / Groups

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PostSubject: Rules / Ranks / Groups   Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:06 am

Hello Everyone The List Below Is Rules That Apply For The Hole Forums.


1. Spamming:
No spamming, this means double posting, talking nonsense, spamming to increase your post count or even posting your site links all over. Note: with posts you have to have 10 words or more or it could be considered as spam!

2. Bumping Threads:
Also known as reviving old threads. so do not post in very old threads.

3. Flaming:
Do not flame or anything to annoy/abuse a member, this will consist as a no excuse IP ban.

4. Quoting:
If there is a big quote you are not allowed to continue it, maximum quote number is 3, this means you are only allowed to quote 3 members in 1 post. Also you may not quote some thing from the post above yours.

5. Begging:
Do not beg for anything from anyone, if the member does not like it they can PM me or arouse me of this and the member will get an ban.

6. Grammar:
Please use full grammar so users can read your message, if you dont it may be considered as spam and a warning may apply.

7. Common Sense:
Post useful stuff, and use common sense, in some people it may not be so common but please try to use it.

8. Act your age:
A special rule of mine, act your age, by this I am guessing you are old enough to know the basic rules of life, please use them.

9. Spoilers
If your posting lots of pics or a video please put it in a spoiler, helps pages load fast and making viewing easy for people


Thanks For Reading The Rules And Following them Very Happy


The number behind is the posts you need to be that Rank.

Lowest Of Low 0
Sea Scumb 10
RR Minus 50
RR Beginner 100
RR Novice 200
RR Pro 300
RR Master 400
RR Elite 500
H€®️Ø 777


- Administrator
- Moderator
- Robot Rage Survivors


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Rules / Ranks / Groups
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