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 Amazing Great But Likely Odd Weekly Strategy #3

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PostSubject: Amazing Great But Likely Odd Weekly Strategy #3   Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:45 am

Welcome to my third A.G.B.L.O.W.S.

Today I shall teach you about a universal credit setup: Spears, Flames, Razors.

This is not the best setup in credit vs credit. That will come next week. What this is, is a credit setup capable of standing up to 90% of the stuff in the lobby and putting up a good fight. So what if it loses to a regen credit user? They will end up using to a claw, so boo hoo to them. This setup can beat claws and lasers.

This is possibly the setup that uses rear weapons more than any other setup. The rear razor discs should be doing about 100 damage on average per game. Why not put the razors in front, you ask. Well, with razors on the front and no laser the front of your bot is so, so, vulnerable. The thing is, you have no infinite weapon in the front. So you have to conserve your front weapons like crazy, as, unless you are CLAW or something, you probably suck with the rear cam. I sure do. But the deal here is, it's not easy to nail 25/40 shots. And when they still have armor you will have to use a rear cam and not nearly be as effective. If you flip it around, your razor accuracy may decrease, but you will be alot better off with front spears.

Anyways, how to use the rear razors well. Eh, you let them charge at you. Then flip around, flip out some razors, flip some pancakes, and flip them off. Just kidding. About the pancakes, that is. Well yeah, that's it. If you damage them fire a few more. Oh, and never waste a ton of razors at once. Shoot razors out in small packs and see if they damage. It takes a bit of time to master. Oh, and if they have a claw, don't stop. Ever.

Once you have exhausted your razors, time for spear/flame madness. If they charge at you drive backwards while flaming. Nono, not flaming random people on chat. I mean shooting flames from your flamethrower. If they are not charging at you, do not just sit there. They WILL laser you. Charge them for heavens sake! The flamethrower is the best close range weapon in the game! Jam them to a corner or wall! Lag pass if possible. This setup is about quick damage. If it is a claw/laser charge them as well.

Whip out your flames fast. You HAVE to do damage quick against a laser. Your battles will always, always, be down to the wire.
Sometimes how fast your finger can slam down on the key can win a battle.

Now shooting spears. Whenever you have an open shot, take it. Shoot your last spear? Sure, why not. If you are going to lose it will almost always be when you still have razors or flames left. Sometimes you need that extra damage for a close-ranged close battle. But only shoot the fifth one if you have already done quite a bit of damage.

This about raps it up. Remember fans, AG B.L.O.W.S!

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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Great But Likely Odd Weekly Strategy #3   Fri Aug 28, 2009 5:53 am

This is the best damage in credit weapons, I think if you had spy cam it would be easier to play, but you know Vista+Spy Cam=Error Neutral
I like to use this setup against claws, btw you can make wall of defence from razors, just don't move to right or left then battle start shoot some discs and don't let your opponent avoid them, push him on when he tries to drive at your side of discs wall Very Happy

btw Guest ik what u did...
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Great But Likely Odd Weekly Strategy #3   Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:07 pm

That's what 2DIE4 did. Ha I wonder who he ever beat any body that had large chassis and toweres
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Great But Likely Odd Weekly Strategy #3   

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Amazing Great But Likely Odd Weekly Strategy #3
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