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 Using a Mouse Recorder To Do Paint Jobs Over Again

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PostSubject: Using a Mouse Recorder To Do Paint Jobs Over Again   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:53 pm

Using a Mouse Recorder To Do Paint Jobs Over Again Is a very smart Idea.

If you Making a pj you want on a nother bot or want to save your pj a mouse Recorder Is Great for that.

is the Best one so download it and record your PJs Or to sell your items faster or buy item faster you can set your speed. You can also use to type somthing over and over again and enter. Or you Can use it to Click on something realy fast

Download the trial witch is the full thing you just need the sereal number...

use this to get the serial for the mouse tamer

Post The file of your mouse recorder of pJs you want to share and other helpful recordings

To answer some Questions:

stuff to do - you can sell stuff way faster just go to options speed 10, number of loops (how many times you want it wo do over and over)

You can type too!!!! like type some thing and move your mouse click send. the amount of times you want it to!

to start recording just click the big red button and do your recording then press Q to stop it it will save and you can go to options and chang the setting then press PLAY

If you record some thing save and share your recorded thing like a pJ or selling stuff fast or buying best stuff fast or puting armor to top fast ok?


Thanks IGIT <3
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Using a Mouse Recorder To Do Paint Jobs Over Again
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