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 Jork's chat - New rule

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PostSubject: Jork's chat - New rule   Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:04 am

I posted this Topic before in the news section but it was removed .. and in that post I quoted Jork as he explained his new Chat rule, but somehow that original post has ALSO been removed (!) it makes me wanna say : Hmmmmmm .. (No offence)
Beacouse it is important news I will repeat it here once again and I really hope no one will take it down this time.

Jork decided to no longer judge anything from the lobby in the chat, wich means he will not ban anyone for what ever they do or what ever kind of robot they have in the lobby.Talking about cheating/hacking is still not allowed in the main chat though, if you have anything private to discuss, take it to a private chat please.

I hope everyone appreciates this token of good will and feels welcome to visit Jork's chatroom.If you have any questions, feel free to ask Jork, his brother , me or one of the other Moderators.

Note: I have made a screenshot of this post.
Note 2: If this Topic is in the wrong section, offcourse feel free to move it elsewhere

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Jork's chat - New rule
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