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 Robot Rage Physics

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PostSubject: Robot Rage Physics   Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:20 am

What are your thoughts on how physics worked in RR? Thing like collisions, driving, and weapon damage.

I personally liked that you could not flip your robot over, and that it was always firmly on the ground (besides land mines and the like Razz).

I think that the driving was pretty decent, but it could have used more immersion. I think that adding physics like drifting, sliding, and braking would have added to the overall game play.

As far as the ledge goes, you were pretty much flat and safe until you reached a point of no return where you end up falling. This way kind of annoying, I think there should have been more of a linear transition between safe and unsafe, rather than a boolean scenario.

Weapon damage was also fine in my opinion. I sometimes wondered how it would be if there was damage physics where the robot would deform with damage, but I think this would ruin some part of the game where the bots are so personable with their design and paintjobs.

Anyways... what are your opinions?
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PostSubject: Re: Robot Rage Physics   Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:07 pm

Yes, the fact that it was mostly solid on the ground was good, you could flip it over, but it would mean match done, which is fine, you couldn't flip it over where it would stay alive after doing so anyway, unless some lag happened and you were a zombie at that point...
Technically, I think you could drift on 3 small wheels lol.
There was one occasion when I didn't fall off the rooftop, for some time anyway, when I was outside the arena during a game, was thrown there by a rolling pin, strangely enough the dude followed me after that driving through a wall, I still get nightmares about it from time to time. But yeah, some indication could have been useful, but it was pretty fine as it was.
About weapons, they indeed didn't deform the chassi, but as far as ruining a paintjob they did the job, so I guess it was just harder to implement real physical looking damage.

btw Guest ik what u did...
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Robot Rage Physics
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