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 Best Set Up Ever

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PostSubject: Best Set Up Ever   Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:06 pm

Good Stuff:
This setup should technically be legal in most tourneys, the weapons itself doesnt have any unfair advantages like Claw, EMP and so on...
Its very fun to play with.
Its probably the best ever, Atleast i think so

Rolling Pin - Front
Glue Spreader - Back
Laser - Tower
!!!A Chassi & Tower Needed!!!
!!!Set all Points to Armour!!!

Small Engine Deluxe - Needed for saving battery
Nuclear Battery x2 - Needed for constant Laser shooting

Large Chassi & Large Tower - Alot of Armour duh
6 Large Wheels - Pretty usefull

The main goal is to spam glue spreader when opponents approach or Catch you with claw.
This way they can get trapped, and claw users will go so slowly you can flee.

Now fleeing isnt smart, since your still in the mess. Thats why i got Rolling Pin.
Now approaching or Clawing they will get trapped anyway. then you can use rolling pin
on them or "In them" if ur really close (Either Works) and they will get knockbacked hard.
Most people fly off stage, and Viola you won. The Laser is very important if any of these Fail.
Its also smart to spam it at opponents as much as possible, that way you might dont have to Pin them away.
Now some might say, what if they dont get knockbacked that long and still lives?
Laser em when they approach, And of course the pin trick works now too, only pinning inside them is hard.

Another problem you might think of: What if the claw bot doesnt die and puts me away or atleast tries.
Laser them, constantly. Try to trick them to the glue, or go to glue urself. Both work to Knockback them.

If they still doesnt die, they will by all of your lasers. Trust me you cant run out of Battery
By laser shooting all this time.

Any Weapon
Technique Above

Techique Above

Flash Bombs
Run round stage as long as you can, Thats why Nuclear Battery x2 and Small engine Deluxe are good

Tricky, just hope your lucky so it does nothing, or learn to drive reverse.

This one is tricky too, i would say the chance of winnning is 50/50 o.o

Cloacking Device
hahahah, they are easy to find. You just need a trained eye.
I laser them as much as i can so i dont have to focus as much.

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PostSubject: Re: Best Set Up Ever   Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:11 pm

Read my thread about how to beat kami then it's more like 99/1
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Best Set Up Ever
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